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cb radio

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cb radio

hi alistair here

hi im alistair im 13 and from hereford i operate on a moonraker minor cb radio with tornado whip antnna ive had the radio for 10 months now and wanted to have a natter with someone out there but theres not am lot of traffic here sometims the passers call but not all the time.

i thorught if i join a forum to get a few people known about me i might get a bit more traffic.

Also my grandad is a radio ham and i often pop over for a while listening through the repeaters, i would like to have a ham lisence but no one does them in hereford, so i went to cb i find its a great hobby i recomend it to my friends but they dont seem t care they just take the mick.

i operate on channel 12 and my handle is mustang.

best7,3s alistair Wink

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cb radio :: Comments


Post on Tue Oct 20, 2009 5:50 am by 2W0PWR

Hi Alistair,

Welcome to the forum and glad you found us here. I started in CB radio about you're age when me and my best mate in school wanted walkie talkies so we could communicate some 2 miles. We walked into a small radio shop and explained to the man behind the counter what we wanted and he sold us 2 huge handheld radios and said they we're CB's. I didn't know what a CB was then and was scared to transmit.

Well that was 14 years ago almost and I don't use the CB anymore though I still own one. I took my ham licence 2 years ago and never looked back since. I wanted to become a licensed amateur 10 year's ago when I used to listen on my brothers aircraft scanner on the ham bands but there was no internet which made it hard to look into and the licence was a lot harder back then too.

I would encourage you to take the Foundation licence too as I am sure you will enjoy even more. Though it's only my opinion!

All the best,



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Post on Tue Oct 20, 2009 5:59 am by bassguitarboy

hi dave

funny stuff about the huge cb sales lol

thanks for welcoming me to the site

i have tried to to get a foundadtion lisence but theres no one in hereford that will do them the closest is malvern but its a hassel traveling there and back with my mum and dad working late someytimes, im just looking around now.

i do listen around on the hereford repeater with my grandad but theres only a few people on at a time especially on a sunday

all the best alistair

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Post on Tue Nov 03, 2009 6:59 pm by porky.69

hi there youngman welcome to the site and enjoy

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Post on Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:08 am by firetrap

Welcome to the site mate!

May i suggest you join an 11m DX Group?

There are lots out there, Tango-Mike, Charlie-Tango, Foxtrot-Bravo etc etc, Do a google search, you can join more than one and will make some very good and useful friends to guide you in your hobby, these old 'uns are very wise Wink

If you cant a HAM ticket, try "freebanding" on Sidebands, Its great fun and you can get a rig for about 60-100 which will do as a starter rig! bare in mind it's illegal so if you decide to do it keep it quiet and dont give out your exact address on the internet. Also, if you want to get out further on UKFM, add some extra power and get an outdoor antenna, if you dont have space for a huge antenna then mount a 9ft tankwhip outside with a suitable groundplane, with 50w you will get out very very well! Wink

Good luck in whatever you choose young man!


Dont get too addicted though, it's an expensive hobby lol

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Post on Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:27 pm by 26tm777

hi from me 2

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Post on Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:05 am by sierra foxtrot

Hi alistair,can i suggest you try and get a radio with more than just 40 channels.The's lots out there im sure you know the names, superstars lincolns rangers etc. Even if you just get a basic 80 channel you will be impressed when the skip starts booming in,usually from april through to oct. In my early days of radio i used to chat into the usa using only 3watts and a dv27 on a biscuit tin! Bear in mind that was during a very good solar cycle,but the good news is we have sunspots again!so be patient and keep calling, dont give up on this fascinating hobby!Cheers.

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