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PMR general licence

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PMR general licence

Post by daxi on Thu Mar 04, 2010 7:33 am

Taken from the OFCOM site.
What is UK General?

The PBR UK General Licence allows customers to use hand-portable or mobile radio
equipment anywhere within the UK without the need to inform RA. The licence for
this service has been designed to allow customers access to one or more of
fifteen frequencies spread across four PMR bands. As this is a "go-anywhere"
type of service, the use of base stations is not permitted unless prior
authorisation has been obtained from RA. There is no limitation on the number of
sites where a licensee can use radios covered by the UK General licence, or on
the duration of use at any location. The maximum permitted effective radiated
power of equipment used under this licence is 5 watts.

What channels are available?

There are fifteen simplex channels available for use with this service. They
VHF Low Band VHF Mid Band
86.3375MHz 164.0500MHz
86.3500MHz 164.0625MHz
VHF High Band UHF1
169.0875MHz 449.3125MHz
169.3125MHz 449.4000MHz
173.0625MHz 449.4750MHz

Please note that these frequencies may only be used in simplex mode.

Licensees will also be authorised to use any one of the 32 CTCSS tones and/or 52
DCS codes currently available to PMR services. A list of these tones and codes
is provided on the licence schedule.
I'm told the cost is 60 for 3 years, so lots of companies use these frequencies.

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