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Coronet Frequencies

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Coronet Frequencies

Post by daxi on Thu Mar 04, 2010 7:40 am

These are USAF frequencies used for long distance flights like trans Atlantic etc.
228.55 CONUS Channel J2
236.75 CONUS Channel J1
246.05 Coronet G Primary
254.6 Coronet I Primary
254.6 CONUS Channel I (India) 1
255.75 CONUS Channel I (India) 2
268.25 Coronet F Primary
289.7 CONUS Channel F2
293.0 CONUS Channel F1
294.8 Coronet A Primary
296.5 Coronet B Primary
297.3 CONUS Channel E2
298.1 Coronet C Primary
299.7 Coronet D Primary
307.9 Coronet Secondary
314.5 CONUS Channel E1
322.8 CONUS Channel K2
340.65 Coronet Secondary
343.1 Coronet K1 Primary
343.1 CONUS Channel K1

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