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Team RX-EP-U

Post by simon007 on Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:28 pm

Hello Guys, some new news and information for you although no photo at the moment. Team GmBh from Frankfurt have come across an excellent idea for those who need to receive information in the work place but need not to reply, so an all rx solution

At around the size of a blue tooth headset, and can be programmed for 400-470mhz and coming initially with PMR446 this headset can receive conversations. So, tour guides, gone are the days of the big headphones and a receiver, best can say is it is the size of a bluetooth headset, has a display that can show characters, the photo i saw was with 08 08 so PMR channel 8, CTSS 08

Price is unknown at the moment but seems an excellent idea must say

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