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Buenos Dias

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Buenos Dias

Hi Folks,

Just a quickie introduction and a potted bio.

My name is Elizabeth but I'm known to most people as Lissa - dates back to when a company I worked for had 3 Elizabeths so one became Liz, the second was Beth and I settled for Lissa. I also have a nickname of "Duchess" as a result of my efforts in doing Victorian re-enactment stuff and "Queen Victoria" bestowed the title of "Duchess of Woking" on me.

I first got interested in radio when I was a teenager, although my family didn't approve as they considered it an inapropriate hobby. Anyway, I went on to do studies in telecoms which resulted in various quals which resulted in the German reps at the last company I worked for calling me Frau Doctor Lissa

I got my licence as soon as the class B licences came out - I never could do any good with CW and the best speed I ever got was about 8 wpm. I was active for many years, mostly on 2m but in 1984 I got badly smashed up (road accident) and after getting out of hospital I had a right arm that didn't work (plus a whole lot more). As a result my construction activities came to an end but I continued operating but as the design and construction was my main interest it was somewhat half hearted. In 1990 I moved house (to follow my job) and I just didn't bother to put any antennas up.

When I retired a year ago I decided to reawaken my hobby and so I have been getting together the equipmentt I wanted and at the same time I moved down to a villa in the south of Spain. Now I'm in the process of getting things together to apply for an EA7 licence. Not easy as the requirments of the authorities is far in excess of what is needed in the UK. I have to specify all my equipment (including serial numbers of the equipments) plus all the antenna's plus supply diagrams (to scale) of my property showing where the antennas will be placed. There is a whole lot more in addition, total overkill IMHO.

So that should be enough to let you know where I'm coming from.

Best 73's

Duchess Lissa

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Buenos Dias :: Comments


Post on Sun May 09, 2010 1:27 am by daxi

Welcome along.

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Post on Sun May 09, 2010 4:15 am by g0sop

Hola ! Donde esta el hotel - thats about my limit of Spanish.... ( well I know a few more words )

Welcome to the forum

Good Luck getting the EA7 callsign


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Post on Sun May 09, 2010 5:11 am by daxi

pa1sop wrote: thats about my limit of Spanish....
I decided the ones I learnt at a Scout Jamboree when I was 15 werre best avoided on a public forum Rolling Eyes lol!

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Post on Sun May 09, 2010 8:08 am by EA7/G8AZC

I decided the ones I
learnt at a Scout Jamboree when I was 15 werre best avoided on a public
forum Rolling Eyes lol!

I can imagine what you mean.

When I got out here I couldn't speak a word but I'm slowly picking it up but it's hard going at my age.


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Post on Sun May 09, 2010 5:56 pm by 2W0PWR

Welcome along Lissa,

I have only been to Spain once Nr Moraira. It was such a nice place and made a change from going to Corfu. My other half is Portuguese and I am told the language is very alike, still can't speak very much though...

I hope to see you around the forum and good luck with the change of licence.

73 de Dave

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