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Ranger Vr900 falts ?

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Ranger Vr900 falts ?

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 13, 2007 8:47 pm

I have simmilar problem with my Ranger with RF feedback, but this is when I switch the echo section on (that I never use)
It screatches its head off with RF feedback. The screatch is audible through the rigs speaker !

When I TX , on say, 27:5555 MHZ USB even when I have't spoken the frequency counter will jump ro 27:557 and on RX , when I let go of the mic for RX, the RX falls to 27:554.

Does anybody have any ideas about the problemms and likely cost of fixing it.

I guess it needs a full re-alignment on RX/TX , no idea what the RF feedback problem is with the echo switch,
I have had it back and forward to the place I bought if from, this time it came back worse than it went in.
I have given up on them ever fixing it properly and decided to look for a rig docotor, cant get a hold of cubbiewolf so will be looking for sone other places.

I have never used Coastal Communications before they look to have a good repair department and have ofered to give me a free quote on fixing it.

A few places wont even except a multimode 11M rig to even look at ?

Any idea of the problem and possible cost anybody ?


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Re: Ranger Vr900 falts ?

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 22, 2007 4:16 am

It is on its way to cubby to be sorted out Very Happy


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