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Hi to everyone

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Hi to everyone

Hi all,

My name is Bill and Just got back onto the cb with my old midland 77-099 and getting a few contacts. Thinking of foundation for amateur licence, but funds and time mean that will prob have to wait till next summer.

Have been looking at some new cb sets with the multi stuff, is it worth getting one, or should I just stick to the uk 40?

What do you all think of the new cept for Oct, will it be implemented in the UK?

BTW I'm in deepest darkest south Shropshire, havn't got a cb handle (might think of one oneday Exclamation )

Take care all
Bill Very Happy

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Hi to everyone :: Comments


Post on Tue Aug 30, 2011 1:49 am by daxi

Hi Bill. The foundation licence is, (in most areas,) free other than the cost of a 5 book & the cost of the exam & certainly less than the cost of a new CB.
The cost of 10 meter radios seems to vary between sensible, if it's not wanted by CB'ers. To stupidly high for radios that CB'ers want. Personally I would never pay the rates that sellers want for a so called multi mode CB, when I can get a 20 to 30 year old HF multi band radio for the same money, or less.
A few years ago I paid 30 for an old valve HF set & 200 each for two HF, VHF/UHF radios & last year I paid about 100 for an old 10 meter mobile radio. This was because it was not available to CB'ers, if it had been the price would probably have been double what I paid for it.

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Post on Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:50 pm by billeden

Chrs for the info, I realise the course etc are usually free (maybe have to join a club!!), its the equipment I will have to find funds for. Likewise should be semi retiring next year, so more time to fit it in.
I will have a look at the for sales on here an other forums, to get a gist of whats what.

chrs again
Bill Very Happy

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Post on Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:40 pm by daxi

Most clubs run training as a way of bringing people into the hobby & also hopefully of gaining members, so membership is not normally essential, but it will add to the hobby for you.
My first amateur radio set up when I passed my foundation was a 2 meter mobile station. The radio was 30 - 40 years old & cost me about 20 off ebay & I still have it. The antenna was a very cheap whip & a cheap CB mag mount & the SWR meter was a new but cheap HF/VHF one that now costs about 30, but at the time cost about 20. So all together I paid about 70.
The antenna was up graded to a decent 5/8th wave whip which I still use as my main 2 meter mobile whip & it has out survived 3 mag mounts. But on that radio, I managed 2 way contacts with Europe, a mobile to mobile contact from Norfolk to a trucker in Scotland. 2 ways from Norfolk into Wales, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Kent & the Midlands during lifts & our local repeater is normally accessed by Dutch stations as well, so I even managed continental 3 way contacts on my handheld which I got that Christmas from my wife.
My first real homebase station was my cheap 2 meter radio, a new but cheap CB power supply & the main investment a wall bracket I still use, alimast, agian I still use this, plus some coax & discone that covered 6, 2 & 70 on TX.
A few weeks ago on a 35 - 40 modified CB I worked a American 10 meter repeater using a pence worth of wire as an antenna.
Some of my equipment has been given to me, the rest has been brought & often brought secondhand down the years. Radio is as expensive as you want it to be. I often lend radio equipment out to help people, especially youngsters, get on air, as do others.

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Post on Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:52 pm by mj0rzd

As my learned colleague has said, getting the foundation license opens up a multitude of possibilities. We run courses but Jersey is a bit far but if you get involved with a local club you'll soon find help and assistance and quite possibly a good source for 'cheaper' equipment! 2m is fun to chat to the locals and further afield and it needn't cost a fortune to DX, same goes for any of the HF bands and with the right conditions you will be surprised what can pop out of the ether. If you have the time and want to 'play' it really is a great hobby. Course the good old 'dark side' (27MHz) still has its appeal Wink

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Post on Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:31 am by billeden

Chrs guys, it will happen and if I "focus"!! (get of me ar*e) prob sooner than next year. There is a club fairly close to me (Telford) so will give them a call one day.

chrs again guys
Bill Very Happy

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