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Another homebrew cheapie and it works quite good.

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Another homebrew cheapie and it works quite good.

Post by M6MRP on Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:15 am

Built this vertical halfwave stick (as they call them now) antenna in 10 mins with junk lying about, parts are:-
Half wave wire for 10 or 11m
piece of scrap perf board
13 turn coil of scrap copper wire (mine was 2 pieces solered together works fine)
old smallish variable capacitor
6 or 8m fishing pole or FG mast whatever?
solder (and a soldering iron Very Happy )
First I made the coil on a former of plastic conduit/overflow pipe 13 turns
then fixed the varible capacitor which is ? - 300pf (unmeasured out of junk box 300pf wrote on it) to the perf board
Linked the coil across the capacitor frame and input terminal
strapped/tied coax to perfboard
center of coax to third turn of coil (closest match for 10m)and coax screen to the capacitor frame
1/2 wave antenna element to the capacitor terminal conection with the top of the coil.
Stuck it on a pole which put the antenna 3 ft above GL see link to pictures below.

Connected TF817nd in the garden on the short length of coax set vaiable cap 0! swr on 10m nothing heard not even much noise, poor conditions as usual Sad
Switched to 20m and signals booming in Shocked a quick fine tune on the variable cap swr 1.1 and first CQ into Germany 5/9 Very Happy
Try 40m, yes strong signals very low noise levels, looking good fine tune the cap, 1.3 swr stronger signals and a report of 5/8 from the baltic sea coastline, when conditions improve I will try this antenna on other bands and it is a keeper.
I have strugled with a comercial 6m vertical fishing pole on a un/un and mfj tuner indoors for quite a while now, this cheap and easy antenna is vastly better both RX and TX, I wonder if it would be better with a 3/4 or 5/8 wave element? any input on this please.
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