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FS Elecraft K3/100 & ICOM IC-756PRO III.

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FS Elecraft K3/100 & ICOM IC-756PRO III.

Post by kc6wir on Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:16 am

For Sale: Loaded Elecraft K3 and P3 panadapter with many options
including the second receiver and antenna tuner. It was a kit but expertly assembled
and it works and looks great.
Below is the complete list of options:
K3/100 - 100w Transceiver ......KBPF3 - gen coverage bandpass filter
KDVR3 - digital voice recorder......KFL3A-500 - 500hz cw filter
KFL3A-6K - 6khz AM filter..........KFL3B-FM - 13 khz FM filter
KRX3- second receiver.......KTCXO3-1 - TCXO 0.5PPM
KXV3A - K3 rx ant,IF out, Xvtr interface.....MH2 - Hand Mic
P3- Panadapter
Asking : $1850 shipped (worldwide)

Contact : kc6wir at yahoo dot com

Mint ICOM IC-756PRO III in PERFECT FULL working condition and MINT cosmetics. If has been kept with cover (included) and comes with original box, cables, fuses, etc as new. I have used this radio for a while, and it puts out FULL output and absolutely everything work as it should. I can provide pictures and we can talk on 40 meters.
Asking : $1300 shipped (worldwide)
Mr. Ray
Contact : kc6wir at yahoo dot com
(408) 419-9615

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Re: FS Elecraft K3/100 & ICOM IC-756PRO III.

Post by daxi on Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:35 am

A poster using various American callsigns has been advertising an Elecraft K3, on various forums..If anyone is interested take Exstreme care..This bares all the obvious marks of a fraud..I'll not post them here & help a fraudster..But if I am wrong, I will happily remove this..So kc6wir, please feel free to contact me & prove me wrong..I would be very happy to be shown to be wrong.

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