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Heatsink to Galaxy 95t2

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Heatsink to Galaxy 95t2

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 21, 2007 7:20 am

I have plans to rebuild my bottom heatsink for that reason the radio gets to hot.And second the radio drift like sailing boat when
it gets hot.The orginal fan can not cool enough.I have an idea to take a harddrive cooler to cool heatsink.

Best regards Jan from Sweden


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Re: Heatsink to Galaxy 95t2

Post by 2W0PWR on Sun Oct 21, 2007 11:18 am

Hi Jan,
It's Dave 26TM024... Nice to see you on here.

When I had my Galaxy DX95T2, I say had as I sold it 3 days ago and got an Icom 706Mk11G...
Back to it... I made a base for the radio to go onto with a hole where the heatsink was. Put 2 12v fans in the hole. On the back of the radio you will see holes in the rear heatsink. This is because it's the same heatsink as the DX93T and that one comes with two fans bolted to that... I purchased two fans the right size in Maplins and added them onto it to be sure it would stay cool...

I have some pics - http://www.qsouk.com/specific-equipment-discussion-f9/galaxy-dx95-t2-t9.htm#716

Hope this is some use?

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