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Post by 26tm777 on Wed Oct 24, 2007 8:34 pm


13-1 All units can copy you and think you're an idiot.

13-2 Yes, I copy you, but I'm ignoring you.

13-3 You're beautiful when you're angry.

13-4 Sorry 'bout that, Big Fella.

13-5 Same to you, Mack!

13-6 OK, so I goofed, none of us are human.

13-7 If you can't copy me it must be your fault because I'm running 3,000 watts.


13-20 Is your mike clinking or are your uppers loose again?

13-21 Good grief are you being paid by the word?

13-22 Lady, is that your voice or did you install a steam whistle?

13-33 If you had spoken for another 30 seconds you would have been eligible for a Broadcast Station license.

13-24 Y'know, you made more sense last time when you were smashed.

13-25 Some of the local operators and I have chipped in to purchase your rig from you. Have you considered stamp collecting?

13-26 Next time you eat garlic would you talk farther from the mike?


13-40 Your signal sounds great, now shut off the set and give me a land line so I can find out what you want!

13-41 Either my receiver is out of alignment or you're on channel 28.

13-42 Either my speaker cone is ripped or you better try it again when you sober up a little.

13-43 That was a beautiful 10 try it with your mike con- nected.

13-44 I love the way your new rig sounds, now I know why the manufacturer dis-continued that model so fast.

13-45 Your transmitter must have a short circuit because there's smoke coming from my loudspeaker.

13-46 That's a new antenna? could get a better signal out of a 6-inch piece of damp string!

13-47 What a fantastic signal-give me a few minutes to bring the mobile unit to your driveway so I can copy your message.


13-50 Say, fella, can you slide that thing down 250 KHz?

13-51 You've tried the upperside-band, you've tried the lower side, you've even tried both sides, hope you're satisfied. Now will you go QRT so we can use the center slot?

13-52 Only good thing about hear-ing you on Single Sideband is that with only 1 sideband you're only half as offensive as you were on AM!

13-53 Attention AM station on centre slot: Just because they won't talk to you on your own channels what makes you think we'll talk to you here?


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