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New G5RV configeration

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New G5RV configeration

Post by Guest on Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:56 am

I have found a new way to configure the G5RV that will make the entire configeration horizontal.

It involves putting up a second post at the back of the house but it will be less directional and be in a square configeration.

There will be a second square to act as a reflector a few feet underneath the main one. (That spacing will all be calculated by an amatuer friend of mine )

I now have the MFJ-962D Tuner able to do a lot more than the 904 and handle the 600 watts possible from the linear.
The wire aerial itself will only be about 20 feet up in this configeration and will be purely used for DX.

I wiill be a homebrew configeration G5RV with the bits left over from the one I am using now. It will act like a loop aerial and will be tuned via the tuner for 11 Meters and quite possible some Echo Charlie bands.

It was one of my mates who came up with this idea, as I have quite a large square space at the back of the house to play with.

It will be tuned by the tuner for 11 meters.

Has anybody got any other ideas or tips when putting up such a configeration as this.

I will post some pics when its up and running.


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