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Modification for KLV350 Linear required.

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Modification for KLV350 Linear required.

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 01, 2007 2:07 pm

Having recently purchased a KLV350 Linear amplifier quite cheaply, I tried using it on the FT857D , with the homebrew antennas that go into the ATU.
The plate tuning on the amp creates a massive miss match between tuning the linear and the SWR on the ATU.

As I dont want to burn the PA section out I have not bothered to connect the Linear again.

However, I guess it will work AOK on my Ranger VR900 radio.

Is there a modification that can be done to the KLV350 linear to make it more compatable to the FT857D remember that I only want a linear on the 11M band.

If so , would it be a costly modification?

Should I just leave it to use on the VR900 as is. ......... Would a matcher in line help create a ballence between the two lots of tuning?


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