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Four meter website.

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Four meter website.

Post by daxi on Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:02 am

Four meters, it seems is becoming more popular, or at least four meter equipment is selling better on ebay of late.
This quiet & cheap to operate band is known as the "friendly band" mainly because it's so quiet that all heard CQ's are answered.
Equipment used varies but is mainly converted PMR euipment. The Yaesu Ft847's use to be claimed as 4 meter capable, but at 1 watt of output, that claim has since been dropped. The Icom IC-E90 handy can easily be modified to operate this band at a full 5 watts of output & AKD are once again producing thier 4001 4 meter FM rig. Ex Fire brigade handies (PYE PFX's) probably make the cheapest & simplest way onto this band & with few using 70 MHz a little power goes a long way due to the quietness of the band.

For more infomation on this exellent band see the four meter website

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