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ASC, Small explanation and meet the Professor

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ASC, Small explanation and meet the Professor

Post by simon007 on Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:11 am

The Squelch

The squelch (or silencer) is a control found on all CB radio transceivers. This function is used to reduce background noise when there is no communication. It is an adjustment which must be made precisely and repeated frequently in order to avoid reducing the reception capacities of the radio.
This is because the level of radio-electric background noise is not constant and varies according to the time of day and the geographical location.
In April 1996, Albert Bertrana, Technical Director of the Groupe PRESIDENT, presents to the specialized press an automatic squelch adjustment system called "Automatic Squelch Control" (ASC).

Automatic Squelch Control

ASC continuously evaluates the received signal and existing noise. The signal/noise ratio determines whether a signal is heard or not. Applying surface mount package and microelectronic technologies, ASC uses more than 40 semiconductors, between transistors and diodes.
CB radios, which have always been a security element in vehicles, are now even more so since drivers will no longer have to make manual adjustments, or check the noise level, since ASC does this for them.

Photos of this genius are hard to find but here is a link where you can see Mr.Bertrana on the right handside of the photo. Mr Bertrana showed me in a lab at President how his system worked and indeed it is smart and very clever indeed. He is now retired from the business, this is a great shame and indeed now his ideas have been used in some other radios but not the same completely as the ASC has the worldwide patent at President.

A proud Catalan, and indeed a man with great electronic skills and a smart mind. Let us hope that there will be another skilled man to join Joel and Kam at President in the techie department. Exclamation As all people are getting older it is always wise to have someone else to carry the torch onwards and make the 4th generation of ASC.

Mr ASC Right Hand Side

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