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President Grant II

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President Grant II

Post by simon007 on Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:14 pm

The will it, won't it situation with this radio continues and it seems at the moment it will be somewhat delayed as the "unfavourable" comments about the Jackson II has made some people in France upset so it is delayed and not sure if it will surface at all.

Rumoured to be the same looking front as the Johnson II / XM5003 Stabo it was going to be the 3rd in the radios released this year to mark the 30th Birthday of President. But, alas it was not to be Exclamation

Some will remember that the Jackson II suffered from finals popping whether the radio had been modified or street legal. Add to this the fact that NO dealer is allowed to fix them and the radios spent there holidays heading to and from Balaruc it made some people nervous. The fault Question Insiders tell me was a bad batch of Mitsubishi transistors to blame and add to that internal checks and indeed it seems thats all that was being replaced.

BUT, the new series now are suffering new faults:

* S Meter Stop Working
* Lights Failing
* Dry Solder Joints around the outputs area

AND NOW TO TOP IT OFF, a possible 30% increase in the radios Exclamation

Asking some people around, and they see the end of President within 6 years... That's what I was told in off the cuff remarks recently from some people.

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