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Alinco DJ-S45 CQL


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Alinco DJ-S45 CQL

Post by simon007 on Fri Feb 13, 2009 4:37 pm

Remember this radio guys, its a 446 radio with a 1/4 antenna

Take the back cover off, cut the red wire and you have all the normal 336 8 channels and then press the V/M after reset and it becomes a 70cm radio with repeater shifts and ALSO available to work the new and un-official UHF CB Band that seems to be waking up in EU. 1w output with external power, and cheap as chips to get you started into OM also.

I can access OE7XRJ at 126km with the standard 2x AA and you have tone burst with the changing of a menu item.

Worth it Question Am sure Exclamation

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